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Knowing when to Use Vertical vs Horizontal Video

In the era of plentiful data, how does the Creative Professional — who relies on her taste, skill and instinct to make things that other people will consume — navigate a world in which insightful data is every bit as important as her intuition?

It used to be the case that, as a creative professional, her goal was to create something that was both beautiful and effective. Is it good? Does is work? If she could answer “yes” to both of those questions, she’d done her job.

Posted Jul 6, 2018

3 Questions to Ask About Your Digital Marketing Effort

We should all know by now that digital marketing is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. However, the digital marketing world can be confusing and ambiguous, so how do you know what to do, why to do it and if it’s working? I’ve put together 3 questions you should ask your marketing team so that you can sleep better at night, put some important changes in place or find a new marketing team.

Posted Jun 24, 2016

Facebook’s Unaddressed Google Analytics Problem

Facebook tells you that you sent 691 people to your website from Facebook this month! Congratulations! Go to Google Analytics (GA) to see what those visitors did and you’ll get a completely different answer – one that is much lower - so low that it wouldn’t be unusual for GA to only attribute 25-40% of the traffic to social.

Posted Jun 9, 2016

Google Wants Your SEO to Roll with the Panda

Don’t get stuck with Panda, roll with it. Apparently this is Google’s method.

Posted Mar 7, 2016

Is Your Social Campaign Ready to Publish?

It’s 2016. By now you know the importance and impact of an integrated social media strategy. You’ve secured a social media advertising budget and you are ready to push the big red go button on a campaign. But, before you promote your beautiful graphics or videos, do you know why you’re launching this campaign in the first place? Do you know why you’ve chosen a particular social media platform to advertise on over another? Are you even sure you can call it a “social” campaign?

Posted Jan 18, 2016

4 Paid Search Tips to Better Leads and Lower Spending

Paid search. If you’re a part of the marketing/advertising community, chances are you hear these words at least once a day. According to the Internet Advertising Revenue Report, paid search accounted for 50% of total digital revenue in the first half of 2015. So what makes paid search so important and how is it beneficial to your overall marketing strategy?

Posted Dec 9, 2015

Brands: Stop Doing These 6 Annoying Things on Social Media

Get off my lawn! No, but seriously. It’s easy to release my inner curmudgeon these days with all the various social media platforms I download my physical body into and go to work.

Posted Nov 12, 2015

The Latest News of the News on Social Media

I admit it, I'm old school. Early every morning I grab a cup of coffee and walk down the driveway with my hair sticking sideways to retrieve my morning paper before workout. But lately - as in the last few years "lately" - my routine has changed.

Posted Oct 30, 2015

How to Define Digital Marketing Success

It’s no surprise digital marketing is dominating the ad buying space. Time spent online is predicted to account for 46.7 percent of total time spent with media, and as a result marketers are projected to spend 17 percent more in the digital space this year alone.

Posted Oct 7, 2015

Marketers: Define And Take Advantage Of Programmatic Media Buying

If you’re like other marketers, you’ve probably noticed that advertising is changing. Even though the first banner ad appeared 21 years ago, it seems the changes in digital advertising have recently been moving faster than the speed of light.

Posted Aug 24, 2015

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Social Media Video

Video is one of the fastest growing social media tactics. It seems every platform is making it easier to create, view and share videos. With the introduction of Facebook autoplay, promoted videos on Twitter, Instagram video, Vine and Snapchat, other platforms are giving YouTube a run for their money.

Posted Aug 7, 2015