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Optimize Your Digital Campaign for Maximum Return

What sets digital apart from all other media? What makes it one of the most cost-efficient media tactics? The answer: Trackabiity. Because of its trackablity, digital media can be optimized as the campaign is running to insure the effectiveness of the campaign.

Posted Mar 6, 2015

How to Measure Digital Marketing ROI in 6 Steps

“Half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” John Wanamaker didn’t have big data and cloud storage to prove the worth of his advertising. What’s your excuse?

Posted Jan 27, 2015

How Much Does a Website Cost?

It’s official! As of 2015, everyone has a website. Every company, every brand, every entity ever is now on the World Wide Web. With the introduction of cost-effective tools, like Wix and Squarespace, people have begun building good-looking websites for cheap.

Posted Jan 20, 2015

Do You Own Technology or Does Technology Own You?

Do you own technology or does technology own you? One of my favorite things to do is to walk through our office and talk marketing with our smart staff. One day last week, I got sucked into a discussion on technology, the many benefits and corresponding evils. As a marketer, it pays to pay attention to the powerful millennials and their technology habits (addiction). 

Posted Dec 8, 2014

Privacy in a Social World: Why Privacy Matters and What Social Platforms Like Twitter are Doing to Protect Users from Themselves

The expectation of privacy and its influence on how we communicate is a major topic of discussion and debate. 

Posted Dec 2, 2014

Power to the User

It’s a fact – the types of devices accessing the Internet are constantly growing. It’s empowering for the user, but it puts a strain on developers and designers. 

Posted Nov 22, 2014

What Exactly is Apple Hoping to Accomplish?

Apple’s new releases Tuesday just added to the running commentary in my head about how far technology will go to make us comfortable sharing even our most intimate information. At VI, it’s an important consideration, since we are a firm determined to test boundaries.

Posted Sep 12, 2014

We're Certifiable

I’ve never been one to highlight personal certification, accreditation, education, and other monikers that are supposed to suggest credibility in a given field. Especially in marketing, what you learn in college doesn’t translate directly to job qualifications. You can have a marketing, advertising, or public relations degree and not be very good at any of them. 

Posted May 30, 2014

Why Storytelling Matters to Your B2B Audience

Regardless of the marketing mix for business-to-business brands in 2014, storytelling is a common theme that reigns as marketers strive to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. Psychology has confirmed that stories break the barrier of intellectual defenses, and to humans, a good story is received as a gift.

Posted May 7, 2014

Hip To Be Square

I love to discover new, cool web tools, and see emerging technologies being used to craft really great user experiences. I get excited when I see things like the Arcade Fire and Google Experiment and think, “I wish I had built that!”.

Posted Mar 13, 2014

Social Showdown: Flipboard vs. Pinterest

It’s been a big few months for both Flipboard and Pinterest. The personal magazine creator, Flipboard released it’s latest update allowing users to buy products via Flipboard, create their own magazines and “flip” content from commerce websites using the new bookmarklet feature. An announcement that they have gone live on Windows 8.1 quickly followed the update.

Posted Jan 27, 2014

Data: Your Favorite Christmas Gift

When I was a kid, I always got my dad the perfect gift. Birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas, it didn’t matter. I know because he would say, without fail “Oh wow, it’s just what I wanted.”

Posted Dec 13, 2013