Optimize Your Digital Campaign for Maximum Return

Author: Kari England
Posted: Mar 6, 2015

What sets digital apart from all other media? What makes it one of the most cost-efficient media tactics? The answer: Trackabiity. Because of its trackablity, digital media can be optimized as the campaign is running to insure the effectiveness of the campaign.


What is optimization?
Optimization is the process of reviewing campaign metrics and performing any necessary adjustments to ensure campaign objectives are being met. Any optimization is finding the best and most successful elements of the campaign and shifting more dollars to them.

3 tips on how to optimize a campaign:

  1. Know your success metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
    First, the performance measurements (or success metrics) of the campaign need to be determined. It is vital that these are set before the start of every campaign. Once the success metrics are determined, then you can optimize based upon them.

    Kari Duvall

  2. Levels of optimizations
    Digital campaigns can be optimized at several levels. It can be optimized at the publisher, placement, creative ad size and creative message level. It is important to review all levels of the campaign. Just one publisher or one creative ad size could be bringing down the overall success of the entire campaign.

  3. Timing is everything
    Optimizations should be made continually throughout the duration of the campaign. However, it is important to remember to allow enough time between major optimizations. Too many changes too close together could actually hinder the success of a campaign. Allow for enough impressions to serve in order to get a true value.

Tip: Optimizations are the key to a more successful and cost-efficient digital campaign.

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