What Exactly is Apple Hoping to Accomplish?

Apple’s new releases Tuesday just added to the running commentary in my head about how far technology will go to make us comfortable sharing even our most intimate information. At VI, it’s an important consideration, since we are a firm determined to test boundaries.


The Apple Watch goes far beyond any smart watch on the market, supplying biofeedback on a host of health and fitness indicators, including heart and blood pressure rates and even sleep patterns. It talks directly to your iPhone and shares sensitive information to, according to Apple, improve the quality of your life. According to an article I read today, Apple’s mantra on this new device is “you cannot change what you cannot measure”. I actually love this thought. It’s a bold move by a company desperate to offer disciples something new and revolutionary. Question is, will it succeed where other smart watches have failed? Or will it become the newest disappointment, Apple’s equivalent to Google Glass? Only “time” will tell.

Another risky move by Apple is their attempt to resurrect the virtual wallet through Apple Pay. This gives your iPhone near-field payment capabilities in participating stores/businesses. One swipe of your iPhone pays for merchandise, entertainment, etc. without reaching for cash or credit cards. And, just in case you lose your shiny new phone, Apple promises that no proprietary or sensitive information is stored on your phone. They have to store it somewhere, though, right? In the end, everything Apple introduced yesterday, including the bigger iPhone 6 Plus is designed to capture more of your data. Because they obviously don’t know enough about you to make accurate predictions 100% of the time and companies are insatiable when it comes to more data. Of course, the flip side of all of this is, where there’s progress there’s almost always marketing opportunities. We have some new channels through which we can reach prospects. That’s exciting. I’m curious to see if these new moves will reverse Apple’s sliding market share and elevate them to their once lofty status as a global innovator.

And just a final thought – with a 5.5 inch screen, has Apple just cannibalized the iPad market?


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