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Get Better Results from Your Email Marketing Campaign

Once you’ve secured an email marketing platform and worked to compile accurate distribution lists, it can be tempting to send readers an email with any and every marketing message you want delivered. After all, it’s fairly inexpensive and gets your brand in front of them, right? I encourage you not to, and here’s why.

Posted Dec 3, 2015

Create a Smart Website Built for Your Future Client

When creating a website, it is important to understand your audience and to make sure that you create an easy experience for each user. Many types of users come to a single website, but very few of those users have the same goal when they arrive.

Posted Apr 30, 2015

Do You Own Technology or Does Technology Own You?

Do you own technology or does technology own you? One of my favorite things to do is to walk through our office and talk marketing with our smart staff. One day last week, I got sucked into a discussion on technology, the many benefits and corresponding evils. As a marketer, it pays to pay attention to the powerful millennials and their technology habits (addiction). 

Posted Dec 8, 2014

What Exactly is Apple Hoping to Accomplish?

Apple’s new releases Tuesday just added to the running commentary in my head about how far technology will go to make us comfortable sharing even our most intimate information. At VI, it’s an important consideration, since we are a firm determined to test boundaries.

Posted Sep 12, 2014

Your Tablet is Growing

Tablet sales increased in 2013 to 76.8mm units sold. There are now 227 million tablets in use in the USA.

Posted Feb 18, 2014

Health and Technology

As you probably already know VI has numerous clients in healthcare and public health. That said, we are always so pleased when healthcare gets mainstream attention. A couple of weeks ago Las Vegas hosted the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. There, they deemed this the year of the wearables. A great number of the wearables are geared to the fitness market.

Posted Jan 31, 2014