Conversion Tracking and Optimization: Reporting on Results that Matter

One of the greatest aspects of being a digital marketer is the degree at which we are able to track the success of a campaign. The breadth of data at a digital marketer’s fingertips increases each day, and with that, so does our responsibility to interpret and communicate campaign results within context of a client’s business. However, strategizing and building a solid measurement infrastructure is at the core of key performance indicator (KPI) tracking, conversion attribution, and campaign reporting. In other words, the results we report are only as sound as the foundation on which they’re built. Every client’s situation is different, but this article should give you the questions and answers you need to create your next strategic digital marketing campaign.

Posted Feb 18, 2021

Audit Your Brand’s Ecommerce Buying Experience with These Five Must-Haves

The outbreak of COVID-19 has led to a predictable uptick in consumer online spending. In an October 2020 study from eMarketer, retail Ecommerce sales in the United States increased by over 32% year-over-year (2019 to 2020).

30 Things to Know About Our NextGen Under 30 Honoree

We're grateful for and proud of each member of our team, but today we want to brag a little extra on our very own, Deleanie Moriello. A Marketing Strategist at VI, Deleanie has been nominated and chosen as a member of the 2020 NextGen Under 30 class. This honor recognizes your professionals who demonstrate talent, drive, and service to their communities across the state, and (hopefully!) encourages each honoree to reach their lifetime career goals right here in Oklahoma.

Posted Jan 22, 2021

Keeping Creativity High In A Remote Workspace

The name of the game is adaptability. With each day the landscape of how we interact with each other shifts; and like the intuitive people we are, we’ve taken it in stride. With the right resources and determination, the office space is merely a construct that is only limited by one’s imagination. With the use of technology, people can interact from wherever they may be. It can be as simple as a chat group, or a more personal video chat. Distance is no longer a limitation when it comes to meeting face-to-face (resolution quality may vary).

With so many digital tools available to us, the remaining challenge is to iron out those interactions that don’t flow as well when not everyone is physically in the same location. Specifically, when it comes to creative collaboration, it can take some acclimation. Here are some methods to replace a face-to-face interaction with a virtual counterpart. Here's your checklist for staying creative at work. At home. 

Posted Jan 12, 2021

From Negative to Positive: A Deep Dive Into Social Media Sentiment

Measuring social media sentiment is an important tool to utilize in your social campaigns, especially in a pandemic, during an election, organizational turmoil, or whatever the world is facing in a given day! 

Posted Jan 12, 2021

How Can Google My Business Help My SEO Strategy?

First launched by Google in the summer of 2014, Google My Business gives your business the opportunity to promote on both Google Search and Google Maps, in addition to its website. By utilizing your personalized Google My Business account, you can add and update basic business information such as working hours, phone number(s) and addresses. But it doesn’t stop there! You can even connect with customers through reviews and messaging, add social media links, even post business updates as well as products and services. So, with all of these options (for FREE might I add) the question that comes to mind is - why not?!

Posted Dec 8, 2020

Mentors. The Fresh Makers.

2020 has impacted so many groups and individuals that it’s hard to remember what “normal” used to be. The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work and hire new employees, but it’s also changed how job seekers, including recent college grads, apply, interview and onboard. That’s why in the midst of COVID-19, we knew we had to adapt, adjust and change.

Posted Oct 30, 2020

Follow These Energy Saving Tips to Winterize Your Home During #30DaysofChange

It's official, Oklahoma - feels like winter is here. Today for #30DaysOfChange, we want to help keep you warm AND save you some cold hard cash. Here’s are some tips to help you save and conserve some energy!
Posted Oct 27, 2020

Socially Distanced-Video: Tips and Tricks to Ensure You Won't Miss a Beat

At the start of the year, I wrote a blog covering a few tips for creating well-produced live streaming events on Facebook. Even though streaming events online was common practice back in January when that blog was published, in today’s world of social distancing and mask mandates, connection through video is more important than ever.

Posted Oct 19, 2020

Navigating Crisis Communication: Seven Steps to Success

The likelihood of an organization facing crisis in their lifetime is guaranteed in today’s climate. According to an ODM Group study, 59% of business decision makers have experienced a crisis in either their current or previous company.

Posted Oct 14, 2020

VI's #30for30 Non-profit Highlight: Oklahoma's Animal Sheters

When we were finalizing our #30for30 non-profit highlights for #30DaysOfChange, we knew we wanted to highlight our local animal shelters. But picking just one became impossible. That’s why for our second #30for30 non-profit, we're giving the spotlight to as many animal shelters and adoption agencies in Oklahoma as we can. With so many deserving organizations and animals in our city and state, we believe if, we can make a huge impact. We might be barking mad, but we’re still going to try!

Posted Oct 9, 2020