VIth Sense: Can a Healthy Dose of Marketing Stop the Opioid Epidemic?

The most important question surrounding Oklahoma’s lawsuit against Johnson and Johnson is not who is at fault. That obviously matters, but we can’t allow finger-pointing to distract us from the most pressing problem. Too many lives are at stake. As marketers, how can we help reduce opioid abuse in Oklahoma and at the national level?

Posted Aug 2, 2019

VI Employees Become Behavior Change Marketing Certified

OKLAHOMA CITY (June 25, 2019) – Today VI Marketing and Branding announced an agency-wide completion of the Behavior Change Marketing Certification training developed and deployed by VI's team of Behavior Change Marketing experts. 

Posted Jul 26, 2019

Divide and Conquer: Why Segmentation Matters in Behavior Change Marketing

Audience segmentation is the process of dividing people into homogeneous subgroups based upon defined criterion such as habits, demographics, psychographics, communication behaviors and media use. This would be the next step you take to learn more about your target audience.

Posted Jul 17, 2019

The Value of LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

In the world of social and digital advertising, it's important to choose the correct platforms and tactics to reach precise audiences in the B2B space. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be challenging to use due to targeting restrictions on professional characteristics like job titles, skills, and industries.

Posted Jul 9, 2019

VIth Sense: How to be an Authentic Brand People Trust

I have great admiration for organizations with well-defined brands. The most successful organizations make decisions based on their desired brand position. The brand drives the entire organization. And frankly, that makes decisions a lot easier. They ask, “If we do this, is it good for our brand?” Their brand support is not just for the marketing campaigns. The leadership lives the brand. It spreads throughout the entire staff, touching their vendors and even their stakeholders. Disney comes to mind for me.  

Posted Jun 27, 2019

VI Voted Best Advertising Agency in Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY (June 25, 2019) – Last Thursday, VI Marketing and Branding was voted Best Advertising Agency in Oklahoma by the Journal Record Reader Rankings. 

Posted Jun 25, 2019

"Smarketing": Integrating Marketing and Sales for Best Results

I once worked for the marketing department at a company that had little communication with our sales staff. Upon starting the job, I quickly noticed tension between the two departments. When I asked why our departments didn’t work together more closely, no one could definitively answer my question. Our failure to collaborate was problematic. We were never on the same page, we operated under different objectives, executed different strategies (sometimes in conflict with each other) and never leaned on each other for advisement or expertise. It’s no surprise that the few successes we tallied were often in spite of each other.

Posted Jun 25, 2019

The Benefits and Challenges of Behavior Change Research

As marketers, we’re used to having research and data available whenever we want it. The days of intuition and gut feelings are gone, and our outcomes have benefitted from the wealth of information that is available to us.

Posted Jun 19, 2019

A Window into the Wild World of Programmatic Advertising

In the words of every great investor, "Don't invest in something you don't understand." The same could be said for digital marketing. We all know the world is going digital. But let’s be honest, programmatic can be a complicated marketing tactic to understand. I’m sure you’ve heard the term “programmatic” tossed around. With that being said, let this blog post be a general overview of the exciting world of programmatic advertising and how it works. 

Posted Jun 13, 2019

VI Employee Spotlight: Samantha Turner

You might know her as Sam. Or maybe you know her as her less familiar, totally not-made-up stage name, DJ “Turntables” Turner. Whatever name you know her by, everyone who meets Samantha Turner walks away knowing two things: She and music are one in the same song, and it doesn’t fit any known genre.

Posted Jun 10, 2019

Genius Marketing Strategy or Dismal Marketing Failure?

Coca-Cola is reintroducing New Coke. The Pepsi knock-off from 1985 is being used in several episodes of the Netflix series Stranger Things. New Coke is considered by many to be the biggest marketing blunder in American history. Not me. In fact, I think it was genius marketing.

Posted May 31, 2019

Sound Design: How What You Hear Improves What You See

As people who live in a world enveloped by sound, we know how things should sound. Therefore, it is our job as sound designers to make sure the videos we produce sound as full and as real as possible. I feel like I should say “sound” one more time. Sound.

We work in an industry often dominated by visuals, which means audio usually takes the back seat.

As a result, soundscapes will most likely have to be enhanced or perhaps even recreated. We recently produced a series of spots for the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office about the dangers motorcyclists face on the road every day. This shoot had lots of fun camera gear, but no way to capture audio. Even though the spots feature fun motion graphics with cool sound effects, we also needed to add sounds that would have occurred during recording. What would the different vehicles sound like? Are the roads in good shape, or could they use some repair? These details need to be taken into account. It’s something that may go unnoticed, but like all editing, being invisible is almost always the goal.

Posted May 30, 2019