All That Glitter Is Not Gold

People in the media business know that research gathered from local stations, regardless of medium, are without a doubt skewed to show that particular station or group of stations in the best light possible.


That leads us to the question is that good selling or is that just misleading?

If I were selling a car for example, I'd push all the benefits, luxury, navigation, power everything, but on the other hand, I might not point out that the gas mileage of a competitor's car is better, or that the maintenance will be sky-high. I'd make comparisons to other vehicles that put my car in a better light. This is the case with any sales whether it be car or media sales. Why is that? Well, sales-people work on commission and have sales goals. If a buyer hasn't done his/her homework, then is that really the sales person's fault?

As a buyer, it's my responsibility to do the research and find the right mix of media that achieves our client's goals. If a particular station works for my client's current campaign, then it will be included on the plan. Just because it looks shiny, all wrapped up with a bow doesn't mean it's a fit. Do the research, know your goals and your target. Then make a smart buy.

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