What Does a B2B Company Do on Social Media?

Author: Casey Cornett
Posted: Mar 12, 2015

Topics: Social Media

When people think of social media for a business, the typical thoughts that arise are “Get 10% off your meal if you retweet this!” or “LIKE this post to be entered into our contest to win an iPad!” or maybe “Check-in for a discount,” while those may be appropriate for some businesses (occasionally), they are not on point for all businesses.


What if you’re a business who sells to other businesses (business-to-business / B2B)? I imagine if you’re an IT company that you’re not going to sell your IT services based on the amount LIKES you get or iPads you give away. If you’re a marketing agency, you sure aren’t going to sign-up new clients because you’re the master at getting retweets on a post featuring an adorable puppy. Are puppies adorable? Absolutely. Do puppies get a lot of LIKES on social media? A ton. Do they help your bottom line? If you’re a B2B, chances are not likely.

So, what can you do? You can prove your worth. And you’re not going to do that with a “LIKE” campaign.

You have (well, you should have) interested prospects finding your website and social channels who have a need. They didn’t become interested in you by accident. Does your company solve their problems? If so, how? SHOW THEM.

  • Show the prospective client who has never heard of you a little bit about your company (meeting them at the top of the funnel/sales process).
  • Show a prospective client who already knows your name why you are different than your competitors (meeting them a little further down the funnel/sales process).
  • Show a prospective client (who knows your name, knows how your different than competitors) your knowledge on the industry. (and even further down the funnel...)
  • Show a prospective client (who knows your name, knows how your different than competitors, knows you have knowledge on the industry) how you can benefit them specifically using landing pages to segment the audiences (and further down...)
  • Show your…on and on and on. You get the picture. Not everyone is at the bottom of the funnel/ready to buy.

Stop focusing on ramming sales messages down people’s throat and meet that prospective customer where they are in the buying process. Stop "crowding the register."

If you want more in-depth discussions on how to setup and execute a social media plan that is right for your business, please contact us here!

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