The making of the 2013 OU Football Intro Video (Behind-the-Scenes)

Author: Casey Cornett
Posted: Sep 6, 2013

For the 14th straight year, VI Marketing and Branding took the reigns in bringing goosebumps to 85,000+ in Gaylord Memorial Stadium, beginning each home game with the now famous OU Football Intro Video aptly named "There's Only 1 Oklahoma".


VI Marketing and Branding Creative Director Steve Sturges led the VI team along with SoonerVision's DP/Editor Max Toperzer and DP/Animator Matt Jacques into unchartered territory with Oklahoma City rapper "Jabee" making the big screen appearance.

In September, 2013, Fox Sports Oklahoma released a behind-the-scenes film on the making of the 2013 OU intro video. It's a great in-depth look on all the production, interviews, lighting, setup and direction it takes to make everyone know that "There's Only 1 Oklahoma"!

Watch the standard version of "There's Only 1 Oklahoma" right here: OU Intro Video

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