Corporate Gifts That Pay Off

Author: Tim Berney
Posted: Sep 25, 2009

There’s no room for pork in your corporate gift bill this year, so chuck the honey-glazed ham idea and give a gift that provides returns to your bottom line. Which of your clients wouldn’t like more of what you provide for free?


If you sell bulldozers we’re not suggesting that you give bulldozers away. But, there’s plenty that you could do – say a free 28-point inspection on those you already sold them. If there’s a repair needed – who’s gonna get the business? That’s right Einstein – you are.

Maybe you’re an entertainment venue – how about a free show for all of your season pass holders? That’s a whole lot of prospects for next year all in one place. While they are there you offer them a tremendous discount on next year’s pass – tonight and tonight only. Get the idea? Give your clients a legitimate gift AND the opportunity to remain customers all at one sitting.

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