Free Marketing Tip: Don’t put signage up backwards

Author: Allison Abbott
Posted: Apr 7, 2011

There’s a saying in the construction business: Measure twice. Cut once. But apparently that never made it to the signage industry. VI Marketing Strategist Deana Paulson noticed that two men across the street were adhering signage to a window ‑ backwards. We watched for about five minutes waiting for their reactions when they would realize that the sign was placed incorrectly. 


We waited….. a bit longer…. Nothing. Finally another coworker rationalized that perhaps there was a rhyme to their reason. He dared me to go across the street and tell them. Five dollars if I would. That won’t buy much, but I have an affinity for Grande Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks (major rule of marketing: it’s all in how you present it, if only in your own mind)

Me: “This might sound bizarre, but I work across the street and wondered, Is that sign supposed to be readable from the outside?Him: “Can you not read it from the outside?”

Me: “No, it is backwards.”

Him: “Oh”

Him #2 still intently pressing out any last bubbles: “It ain't right?”

Him: Hmmmmm…

After a bit more staring they peeled the sign off, thankful that I’d told them before the paint had dried. I was happy to help and even happier about the coffee I just earned.

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