New Marketing = Man Hours

Author: Tim Berney
Posted: Jun 21, 2011

Take out a red pen and cut your paid media budget by 10 percent right now. But don't put that money back in the general fund. You need it to compete for customers and to keep the ones that you have. In the modern marketing era, you need to engage your prospects and customers where they live, work, play, etc.


>That 10 percent of your media budget should pay for man hours. Man hours that help you take your message to the people and engage them. Man hours that let you do something unique at the trade show. Man hours that help you activate your sponsorship of the golf tournament, football game, or concert. Man hours that let you market, not just advertise. It's not easy. It takes a new way of thinking and a commitment to NOT do things the way you always have. Get out and connect with the people. Be memorable. Do something that allows you to collect their contact information, or makes them want to visit your website. Paid media is the beginning. It's support. It introduces you before you meet in person. So, keep doing it. Just 10 percent less. Your marketing efforts will go 50 percent further.

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