Where is Video Content in Your Utilities Marketing Strategy?

Author: Megan Radford
Posted: May 5, 2015

Topics: Utilities

Did you know that Facebook has officially surpassed YouTube in the number of desktop video views per month? Yes, Facebook. This is in large part due to the platforms auto-play feature, where videos start to play automatically in your news feed.


Understandably, this has led a lot of people to ask, “Are the viewers really engaging with the content?”

I say ‘yes.’

When I’m scrolling through my news feed, I want to quickly get the gist of what’s going on that day without making a commitment to click. But since Facebook has added the auto-play feature, I find myself watching more video content than ever. If something catches my eye and it’s already playing, why not finish it? The dramatic increase in video engagement shows I am not alone in this thinking. 

So why is this auto-play video content perfect for utilities?

The primary function of video content is to deliver valuable information to consumers. Overtly selling a brand or product is not the goal here. This content engages audiences precisely because it doesn’t attempt to sell. Therefore, it positions the content creator as a thought leader and caring corporate citizen.

The utilities industry is a perfect fit for this type of content. There are a lot of factors outside of a utility's control. Natural disasters and bad weather can make it challenging to provide consistent, reliable service. Video content helps position us as an approachable, educational resource.

What types of content can utilities utilize? The options are limitless. Tips videos, for example, provide valuable information to customers about how to check for leaky windows, how often to replace air filters or have an HVAC tune-up, etc. And there are many creative approaches we can take to make these videos both informative and entertaining. Check out this genius Vine from Lowe’s as an example:


And, aside from providing a great deal of value to customers, properly executed video content dramatically increases SEO rankings, time spent on your website, conversion rates and content sharing among users. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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