2012 ADDY Awards - Recap

Author: Casey Cornett
Posted: Feb 20, 2012

Topics: Newsroom

The awards kicked-off with the premiere of Jabee’s “So Cool" music video (production via Robot House Creative) depicting a fresh and “gritty" Oklahoma City, which featured Jabee hitting the stage for a live performance during the song’s second half. The now-crowded Coca Cola Event Center was amped with energy, and it was…"so cool"


VI Marketing and Branding showed up to the awards requiring 3 tables to accomodate our eager staff. Eager for many reasons…let’s just say that if you were playing along with the “VI Marketing and Branding Drinking Game" you would have called a taxi to get you home.

VI Marketing and Branding became the proud parents of 33 new shiny ADDY Awards on Saturday night, a feat that can easily be attributed to a complete team effort.

While the 33 ADDYs were great in complementing our group’s dedication to solid marketing efforts, a member of VI’s incredibly talented family took the stage single-handedly to accept the coveted “Young Advertising Professional Award" - Greta Puckett, Senior Marketing Strategist.

Thank you to the OKC AdClub for yet another amazing awards ceremony.

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