All Through the House

Author: Casey Cornett
Posted: Dec 19, 2013

Topics: Social Media

T’was the day of Christmas
And all through the house,
Every person was playing
But not with a mouse.

With iPhones in hand
And batteries on 90(%)
The social apps come out,
And people think, “Tweet Randy.”


With eyes on their screens
And words in their throats
The mouths will not open
Not a word was spoke.

Grandma’s fears have been realized
“We’re not social in many ways,”
We brought the family together
But, oh well, “Happy holidays.”

On Christmas Day 2009, Facebook overtook Google as the number #1 most visited site. Christmas Day? Instead of being with the people we traveled to see, we traveled to our phones to communicate with people we don’t even know.

The holidays are a time to communicate on a much more personal level. Sure, there will be a few minutes of down time to check Instagram, or clear the never-ending notifications from your Facebook app, but try your very hardest to really be there this Christmas holiday. Hug, laugh and kiss loved ones. That will truly give you something to, “Like.”

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