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Are You Listening?

Posted by Tim Berney

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sound-speaker-radio-microphone_copy.jpgIn addition to the paid online news content, last month we asked how many of you were listening to commercial radio these days. 72% still are, but many mentioned also spending time with satellite radio and their Ipods.

Commercial radio has taken it on the chin the last few years- both from Wall Street and within the ad industry. During the consolidation wave, media conglomerates overpaid for radio signals. Now that revenue is down due to economic conditions and smaller listening audiences, the economics don't work and never will. But that doesn't make it a poor media choice.

We view this medium like any other- you have to utilize it for its strengths. If those strengths don't play into your strategy then it doesn't have value. On the other hand, it you need to build frequency very quickly among a specific demographic or have a short-term promotion, then radio should be near the top of your list.

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