Are You a Con Artist?

Author: Steve Sturges
Posted: Mar 18, 2014

I’m a con artist. And, honestly, it’s a label I wear proudly. Don’t act like you’re innocent. If you’re in the marketing biz, chances are you’re a con artist as well (or at least on your way).


There are 5 cons I see as critical in modern marketing: Content, Context, Conversation, Connection and Conversion. In the salad days of advertising, the focus was on 1 con: Convincing a prospect to buy a product through the fine art of persuasion. Now, thanks to millennials and new technology, clever headlines, aspirational imagery and outright fantasy aren’t enough to move the needle.

  • Content is key to telling your story, gaining empathy with your audience and separating you from your competition.
  • Context demands that your Content is shaped appropriately. Example: if you’re posting the exact same message on Twitter and Facebook, you need to rethink. These platforms behave and deliver information differently.
  • Conversation is the initial goal of your marketing. Conversation starts the act of engagement and ultimately leads to…
  • Connection. When you connect to your audience you begin to build trust and, these days, trust is key to…
  • Conversion. But it doesn’t end there. Great brands build loyalists who can take your brand to dizzying heights. Think Apple, Nike, Disney. Membership has its privileges.

If you’re not an artist of the 5 cons, you’re probably missing the boat.

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