Stop Filtering Instagram Out From Your Business

Posted: Mar 27, 2015

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Instagram has been around long enough to be a familiar platform with both personal and professional use. It’s like a perpetual art gallery from the mundane, the selfie, incredible photography, artwork and so much more. Now, it’s positioning itself as a multimedia platform that showcases even more content like videos and increasingly dynamic advertising features. The most recent is a “carousel” ad feature where users can swipe to learn more:


This is a really great option for advertisers who want to put more in posts without having to post repeatedly. Instagram also rolled out a few more filters for photos and more refined tools to adjust pictures in the app. It also released the ability to edit posts in case you wish to make revisions or edits to the copy under your post. What’s worked well for advertisers and brands is using the platform to instill a sense of community and working to be a contributing member. This often comes in various forms. For some, it’s a unique way to showcase their product or brand, for others it’s a way to give more exclusive interaction. Think behind the scenes content.

Good examples:

Sharpie  Starbucks

ANYBODY can mash buttons. What everybody can’t do is use the visual medium to communicate effectively. DO: Foster your brand image. DO: Offer different content that will be engaging to your audience. DO: Show creative images that promote a community around your brand.

Some not so great examples:

Vans NBC Do

n’t: #Over #Use #Hashtags #Because #You #Look #CRAZY Don’t: Forget about it. Keep a regular update cycle. Don’t: Take over people’s timeline. Set a manageable pace for your posting schedule. Don’t: just advertise. There’s more to this than getting in front of people. Instagram can be a great way to show a different side of your business or brand. A little creativity and an approach to cultivate community will go a long way.

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