Don't Be a Spammer - Email With a Purpose

Author: Grace Abblitt
Posted: Mar 9, 2016

More than 205 billion emails are sent each day. Email isn’t only checked at the office anymore; people are using email everywhere and across all devices. Because of this, email is a tactic that simply cannot be ignored by marketers. While it is important for a business to use email to maintain a conversation with existing customers, it is equally as important to actively engage with a new customer base. When executed properly, business can use emails as an effective way to reach potential new customers.


It is best to look at this type of targeted email marketing as a modern day version of direct mail. The goal of these targeted emails is to reach customers who have not yet heard of your business. It is also a way for a business to reach new customers without having an established email database.

The major benefit of these targeted emails when compared to direct mailers is having the ability to use data to target email addresses instead of relying only on street addresses. By using data from specific email accounts and internet users, we are able to create segmented audiences and target individuals based on information they have provided about themselves to specific websites. This ensures the emails are only sent to people who will likely be interested in your business.

The purpose of these emails is often to illicit a direct response from potential new customers. A benefit of the targeted emails is having the ability to track the overall response and performance after the emails have been sent out. Digital analytics allow us to monitor how many people opened the email, clicked on it, went to the site, filled out a form or even made a purchase. This allows a business to see exactly how many new users, who might have otherwise never heard of the business, came to their site and converted after receiving the email. These benefits make determining the ROI for each email blast simple.

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