The Vith Sense - Commericals, Er... Bathroom Breaks

Author: Tim Berney
Posted: May 23, 2008

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VI Creative Director, Steve Sturges, has a daughter that one might define as precocious. In her opinion, and somewhat to her father’s dismay, commercials exist ‘because people need bathroom breaks.’ Ouch!


Let’s take a lesson from that though. Today’s digital media (which includes TV, radio and repurposed print through web) can generally be consumed without interruption by commercials. And as the first generation of consumers that grew up on digital media begins to enter the workforce in just a few years, marketers won’t be talking any longer about how mass media audiences are smaller, but are still the best way to reach large groups. We’ll be avoiding mass media altogether. Unless, our message is part of the actual content.

VI developed Collision Marketing™ three years ago to address this very opportunity. Many of our clients enjoy the benefit of having their message run within the media content where no other messages compete with it. It is the most innovative form of marketing available anywhere today.

It’s not PR, not product placement, not a promotion, but works better than all of those combined. And it’s the best tool for a marketer going forward. So, as the consumer chooses a bathroom break over your message, you need innovative ways to reach them. They’re out there, but most are yet to be discovered.

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