The Vith Sense - Repositioning Hummer Nothing Short of Genius

Author: Tim Berney
Posted: Dec 6, 2007

Topics: The VIth Sense

So, gasoline approaches $4 a gallon. Global warming discussions gain traction – lots of it. And, sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are at the center of attention for causing both. Worst of all, you make Hummers. That’s a recipe for disaster if I ever saw one.


And that was surely the thought of the entire marketing group at GM charged with selling the epitome of gas-guzzling global warmers. Of course, Hummer wasn’t going to shut down production. And, all of these people still needed paychecks. So, with their backs against the wall (the time most of us do our best work), they develop a campaign that touts how Hummers have helped save the lives of many a person across the globe. Spots show their product coming to the rescue of people at various natural disasters. Brilliant.

The marketing strategy actually has several layers that I won’t get into in this issue, but they involve CRM and one-to-one marketing as well. Even without that depth the repositioning of the Hummer brand is nothing short of genius.

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