VIth Sense: Engage Your Social Media Personality

Author: Tim Berney
Posted: Jan 5, 2017

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Who would you say has the best personality in your group of friends? Are they the smartest, best-dressed or the funniest? Probably not. But the rest of your group is likely to agree that they are fun to be around and most assuredly are never boring. Social media isn't too different from your circle.


Everybody has people they like to follow on social media. Maybe you know them personally, maybe not. But you do know that you follow them because you find their content ‘interesting.’ They humor you, educate you, or make you go hmmmmm. One thing is for sure: you could pick their comments out from a crowd because you recognize their personality.

Marketers need to understand that their social media posts are reflective of their brand. Those posts should be developed with your brand personality at the forefront.

Far too often, brands' posts and comments are developed to be non-offensive, neutral, ultra-friendly, or ‘something that everyone likes.’ The result is a homogenous brand presentation that people come across rather than seek out. That’s boring and hardly worth the time it took to create the post or to read it. You don’t have to be the funniest brand on Twitter or the most clever Facebook brand. But, you should be a bit interesting.

Like every other brand tactic, you should be consistent with that brand personality. No matter how many people are involved in posting, responding, or otherwise representing your brand on social media platforms, they should all be communicating with the same personality and representing your brand in the same manner.

Your social media plan shouldn’t just include topics, dates, budgets and protocol. It should tightly define the personality that you will communicate in, which is hopefully tied to your overall brand strategy. That’s what people will engage with. And it might just get you invited to a few more parties. 

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