The Preferred Communications Channels for Utilities

Author: Grace Abblitt
Posted: Dec 28, 2016

Topics: Utilities

Many brands think that the best way to engage with their customers is through whatever channel is easiest for the brand. While some brands may think this philosophy works for them, the reality is this places an unnecessary burden on the consumer, and will likely cultivate frustration within your customer base. Brands using this approach may also be missing out on valuable feedback or insight by alienating customers who may not know how to communicate with you.  


The goal should always be for people to engage with the company through their preferred channel. This is only possible when the brand makes it possible. By making your brand accessible through a variety of different channels, you are showing customers that you want to cultivate more than just a transaction. Praise, criticism, suggestions, general thoughts or concerns - your brand needs to hear what customers have to say. It also creates a two-way line of communication for your brand to respond to what your customer has to say. This is especially important for a customer who has not had a positive experience with your brand. If they cannot communicate with you in their preferred method, that will only add to their frustration. Through channels such as social media, brands can also speak directly to customers at anytime. This allows brands to ensure customers know their thoughts and opinions are heard and valued.

What are the preferred communications channels for utilities? The preferred channels of their customers.

When a company that provides a customer with an absolute need, like utilities companies, it is even more important to have these open lines of communication through many different channels. If there is an outage or service disruption taking place, it is important for this company to be able to get in touch with every single customer.

Having these channels set up prior to an outage or crisis can put customers at ease, show them you are working to get their services restored and cultivate a positive perception of the brand.

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