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Author: Tim Berney
Posted: Jun 1, 2016

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The term ‘insight’ has become a common phrase in modern marketing.  Generally, we want to know behaviors beyond media habits and shopping habits that influence purchases. Very often we study those behaviors along with other data to learn what really motivates someone to choose one brand or product over another. Because we know for sure that advertising alone is not the answer.


Most marketers are falling short on the insight part of the marketing equation today. They go just below the surface to make decisions they believe are really insightful and will move the needle. ‘We are selling more white cars these days than ever before. So, let’s make sure we are promoting white cars in all of our ads.’ OK, that’s a good decision, but not really the insight that can move a brand forward.

Let’s look at an example that we can all relate to, whether from a B2B or a consumer perspective:  If you can possibly afford it, you will travel anywhere to get best the medical care to save your life, right? And, if you get a deep cut that might need a stitch or two, you will choose a convenient and trusted healthcare provider. So, where in the middle of those extremes does location become less important and brand reputation take over for the person seeking medical treatment? Broken arm? Ruptured spleen? Skin cancer? Stomach cancer? There’s a point where the consumer makes a decision on the best option over the best local option. It is different for people based on their stage in life, or who they are seeking care for (their child vs. their parent), their insurance, and so on. And if you are able to uncover their mindset then you have true insight into how decisions are being made. That leads to all sorts of answers to your marketing challenge. 

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