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Author: Casey Cornett
Posted: Aug 4, 2011

Topics: Social Media

Every week on Wednesday, our agency gathers in the "Jigsaw" (pictured above) for lunch and a training session…in the great words of the Culps, we “roll up a fatty of fellowship and fun” in the spirit of learning! I would like to share a few tidbits from our agency training last week...


There is no doubt that good content drives demand generation. In our training session, the speaker highlighted three different ways in which relevant content can accomplish this. (1) Regularly performing content audits across multiple vectors will reveal gaps that need improvement. This is where (2) content repurposing comes into play. In those gaps, content is not being leveraged to its full potential. For instance, why post a blog if no one is reading your blog? It is possible that other practices need to be put in place, including content repurposing, to start leveraging your content as the premier purveyor of information relatable to the industry you are in. Finally, (3) connecting your content to your business goals will naturally generate revenue. By assigning stakeholders to thoughtfully develop content that aligns with your marketing message, you are organically growing your business and producing demand.

After the training session, we discussed how we could continue putting these ideas into play for demand generation. The idea of content repurposing struck everyone as a significant point in the presentation. As an agency, we can take intellectual property we have created and use it in a different way to reach a new audience. One could say we are “going green” with our content! In fact, I’m repurposing content right now with this blog post…

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