The Meta-Blogging Blog about Blogging Your Blog

Author: Clay Miller
Posted: Nov 20, 2018

Topics: Copywriting

Part 1: If you're reading this, you should damn well be blogging.

Well, hello. Fancy meeting you here. We weren't expecting company, but we're glad you dropped by. Who could blame you, really? I mean here we are, a sophisticated marketing juggernaut. Then there's you — the enquiring mind, parched for fresh ideas.

This beautiful thing we've got between us? It's more than passing fancy. It's a blueprint for taking your brand from Point A to Point Kicking Ass. You see, blogging deepens the relationship with your audience along a number of important dimensions. So slip off your boat shoes and stay awhile. Let's chew the proverbial adipose tissue about the whats, whys and wherefores of blogging.

First up, the whys. Here are four undeniable reasons to get the blog train choo-choo-chooing.

1. You're a suspicious character and probably full of crap.
After all, you're SELLING STUFF. And people who sell stuff are pathological phonies who'd say anything to make a buck. Or, maybe... I don't know. Maybe you're not so dastardly after all. I mean, that limerick in your blog wasn't totally cringe-worthy. And you seemed so... Darn. Genuine. Are you human? I'm starting to think so.


2. You're a trendsetting trailblazer.
Who knew you had such fresh ideas? You know what? I'm getting that tingling feeling in my one attached earlobe. And that only happens when I read the words of thought leaders. Ye gods! You're thought leader!

24628-2018 Blogging-body image-trend setter

3. Your customers know your business better than you.

It ain't rocket science, right? Come again? Your product was invented on the International Space Station? From a crystal lattice structure that forms only in microgravity? That's odd. The widgetmajigs we manufacture run exclusively on crystal lattices. Can you educate me on this a little more?

24628-2018 Blogging-body image-rocket science

4. Your blogs are like pixie dust for the Google.

So I was searching for this and that and whatnot, and your brand was RIGHT THERE. Like, RIGHT AT THE TOP. Say what? "Backlinks" and "search indexing" sound like pretty fancy jazzmatazz. But if "SEO" stuff gets you clicks, I say run with it, sister-friend.

Obligatory summary capped with a shameless teaser.
Humanizing your brand. Demonstrating thought leadership. Educating your audience. Search engine optimization. These are just four of the various and sundry reasons your brand should be blogging vociferously.

So what are the finer points of this noble art? And how can you summon hordes of rabid followers to monetize this Herculean task? Alas, our lips are sealed until the next thrilling installment of "The Meta-Blogging Blog about Blogging Your Blog." Farwell, dear reader and godspeed!

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