The Why Pad

Author: Preston Herring
Posted: Aug 10, 2010

Topics: Web Development

Is the iPad for me? I'm not so sure. I try to imagine using it, enjoying it... but I can't.  For me it would be duplicating functionality and the only reason to buy one would be... well, again, I'm not sure. 


At home my MacBook Pro is rarely more than a room away, and my new iPhone 4 is always within an arm’s reach. My iMac sits idly by, patiently waiting for me to fire up Photoshop. At work I have a beast of a MacPro begging for abuse.
Obviously I have an affinity for Apple awesomeness, and I'm looking for a reason, ANY reason to justify the purchase of an iPad, BUT I CANT FIND ONE!
Put it this way - My iPhone has more RAM and therefore runs apps much smoother and faster than the iPad. It's easier to type on the iPhone keyboard (in landscape view) and doubly so on a traditional keyboard. The iPhone 4, MacBook Pro, and iMac each have a forward-facing camera. iPad is sans camera. The iPad requires a data plan to use 3G, which I already pay for with the iPhone 4. The screen on the iPad looks like the screen of an iPhone 3G in terms of crispness and vibrancy. It can’t compete with my iPhone 4. And I haven't even touched on web browsing, video streaming, or voice communication - all of which the MacBook, iMac and, MacPro do much better.
If you are someone who is just getting into this kind of tech or if you simply like shiny new toys, then by all means, snatch up a pretty new iPad. But, if your situation is more like mine, then the only answer to the question "Should I buy an iPad?" becomes "WHY?"
Apple, I love you, man. But to me your iPad is more like Zack Morris's cell phone.

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