Trading Winks for Links

Author: Tim Berney
Posted: Aug 17, 2010

Topics: Web Development

Do you sleep with your smart phone? While half of you finish chuckling, let me address the other half - because you're the ones nodding "yes". No need to feel sheepish, research shows that half of all smart phone users habitually check smart phones right before they turn in and first-thing when they rise - the vast majority of us connectivity junkies actually sleep with our phone under the covers. Talk about a turn on.


So, what's that say about us? (A.D.D. sidebar: Maybe we should develop some "apps for naps"? Backberry, anyone?). To me, it says that we're hooked on remote control access, 24/7. Smart phones have become our virtual umbilical cords. Interestingly, a robust 35% of phone owners admitted that, given a choice between their phone and their spouse, they'd send their spouse to the living room couch. That can’t be healthy. Does that mean that pillow talk has been replaced by pillow texting?

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