How to Harness Interactive Live Broadcasting to Grow Your Business Via Social Media

It’s 10:00pm and you turn the TV on to your favorite local news station. You’ve seen these faces so many times you feel like they’re talking directly to you – and not the millions of others tuning in. However, today is different.


One of the broadcasters mentions that a traffic accident just occurred on the interstate down the street from your house and you comment back to the TV, “I hope nobody was hurt.”

Right then, the broadcaster stops talking mid-sentence, looks into the camera and says, “Don’t worry (your name), nobody was hurt. It was just a fender bender,” and then moves on to talking about weather…

What just happened? Did you just interact with the TV? Did you just become a part of that broadcast? Yes. And this is happening every day around the world right now – except the TV is in your hand – after all, there’s always “An app for that.”

Welcome to new world of live broadcasting on social media – and that “familiar face” on the screen could be your brand.

You may recall our blog a few weeks ago regarding Meerkat and Periscope. Thanks to both live broadcasting is now a tangible thing.

Is your business ready for the spotlight?
Is your brand comfortable with the ever-changing script live broadcasting is made of?
Is your brand prepared to hear that your competitors are getting ready?

The script on video marketing is changing (was it ever set?). Your audience wants to see you. They want to hear your voice and interact.

Here are a few ways your business can utilize this technology:

  • Does your business have a “Daily Special”? Show it to your audience in real time and interact with their questions. Don’t just post and pray.
  • Does your business have a new product or service coming out? Show it to your audience in real time and as people see it – involve them immediately into the buying process by answering their questions; saying their names on camera for all to hear - giving them an emotional connection to your brand.
  • Are you a B2B or B2C company without a true storefront? Prove your legitimacy by hosting a c companywide virtual open house.

TV is a media powerhouse. There is no doubt about that. But, TV is changing. What will TV look like in 5 years? Nobody knows. We do know that now in 2015 we are one step closer to connecting a brand to a person through video streaming technology...and the one holding the camera is still the one in control.

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